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Employee Benefits

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • A Different Approach to Employee Benefits
    While other benefit consulting firms look to standardize their services, choosing to provide a “cookie cutter” approach, Benefit Consulting Company (BCG) does the opposite. BCG’s approach is to thoroughly review every available option on your behalf. While others offer a select few insurance companies with which they have special deals, BCG is completely independent. We’re free to seek out the best insurance providers to meet your specific needs.

    We undertake a thorough review of all options and their financial impact, ensuring the best possible solutions. We take the time to understand your business objectives before recommending a single product or service. Only then can we confidently recommend the very best benefit programs to meet your goals and objectives.

    Meeting Your Larger Business Goals and Objectives
    A cost effective, comprehensive benefit program provides maximum benefit to both employee and employer. A well-designed benefit program will allow you to attract and retain the best employees and will create a positive work environment that leads to high levels of employee satisfaction and productivity. Coupled with BCG’s approach to benefit communications and education, employees receive a higher level of understanding of their benefit options and the related impact.

    Our Services Include:
    • Benefit Plan Design
    • Financial Analysis
    • Competitor and Benchmark Analysis
    • Employee Demographic and Usage Assessment
    • Comparative Market Analysis
    • Executive Summary of Benefit Options
    • Contribution Modeling and Calculations
    • One-on-One or Group Benefit Q&A Sessions
    • Open Enrollment Applications Processing
    • Employee Benefit Needs Assessment
    • Employee Focus Groups
    • Detailed Plans Analysis
    • Plan Compliance
    • RFP Design and Development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Program Oversight
    • Employee Education and Communication
    • Group Welfare Plans
    • Voluntary Benefits
    • Human Resources
    • Proactive Wellness Programs
    • Gold Standard Return To Work Programs
    • Post Claims Review and Analysis

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