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Group Welfare Plans

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • Group Health and Welfare
    Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) specializes in dealing with rapidly changing and complex health, welfare and other fringe benefit issues. Our experience with clients of all sizes ranging from several employees to several thousand, tells us that the increasing complexity of group welfare plans is a major source of stress for them adding to their already overburdened HR resources.

    We provide our clients with the breadth of expertise to ensure compliance within their medical, surgical, hospital care, benefits, life, accident, disability, vacation benefit and other welfare plans. Our specialists provide in-depth assistance in designing and administering employer-sponsored health and welfare, cafeteria, fringe benefit and flexible compensation plans. Our vast experience with companies large and small, combined with our large group of specialists in wide range of business services, allows us to bring extraordinary added value to your company. We’re able to guide you in the areas of IRS code, ERISA, ADEA, ADA, HIPAA, FMLA, COBRA and other regulatory requirements. In addition, we offer expertise in all other related areas including disability, group life insurance, executive planning, flexible benefits, voluntary benefits, severance programs, and innovative insurance and risk management solutions.

    The Total Cost of Your Health and Welfare Plan is The Ultimate Consideration
    Controlling the overall cost of your health and welfare plans without compromising compliance or final value to both company and employees is the most critical component of the plan strategy. BCG leverages its broad knowledge and progressive programs with current clients to reduce overall costs while often adding substantial value to the plan. Our comprehensive group welfare plan design and administration services include:
    • Thorough review and analysis of the current plan relative to market alternatives and business goals and objectives
    • Review of plan funding options and recommendations for alternate funding sources
    • RFP review of design and administration
    • Evaluate and negotiate vendor RFP responses and vendor contracts
    • Employee/manager education and communication programs to help reduce plan costs and risk exposures
    • Ongoing communication of new legislation and other changes that could impact your business
    • Anticipate or manage IRS, DOL or HHS audits
    • Key-person retention strategies
    • Business continuation, succession and sale of businesses consulting
    • Assist clients with the issues raised in the purchase or sale of business operations.

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