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Consulting and Outsourcing

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • HR Consulting and Outsourcing
    Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) specializes in human capital maximization. We deliver one of the most comprehensive portfolios of services to support your business and employees from pre-employment to post-retirement. Whether contracting for limited consulting expertise or complete outsourcing of your HR functions, BCG is available to you when you need us.

    HR Consulting
    Our focus is on helping companies of all sizes to survive and succeed in a dynamic, competitive and increasingly complex business environment. We consult our clients in the intelligent use of human capital which more than ever is a critical component of the long-term sustainability of their companies. We help our clients understand, develop, implement and quantify the effectiveness of their human resources programs and policies. Through our unique approach of investing the time necessary to understand your business goals and objectives, we are able to deliver HR consulting that returns true value to your organization.

    BCG provides comprehensive human resource services to businesses in nearly every industry, whether providing support services to their HR staff, on-call expertise, or functioning as a company’s outsourced HR department. Our staff of highly-trained human resource experts supports your business by providing expertise in all aspects of the following partial list of services.
    • Employer of Choice Strategies
    • HR Gap Analysis
    • Recruiting and Talent Management
    • Manager and Supervisor Training
    • Compensation Studies and Benchmarking
    • HR Compliance Audits
    • Outplacement Services
    • Employee Relations
    • Employee Development
    • Organizational Design
    • Recognition and Retention Programs
    • HR Administrative Services
    • Job Function Analysis
    • Progressive Discipline Programs and Administration
    • Performance Management
    • Policies and Procedures Development
    • Labor Relations – Contract Negotiation and Administration
    • Competitive Research
    • Employment Handbooks
    Technical Consulting
    As working with employees becomes more complex and socially challenging, even seasoned, well staffed HR departments are looking for assistance and clarification on day-to-day issues. BCG human resources experts are always available to our clients on an on-call basis, 24/7 for emergencies to provide technical assistance or as a back-up to missing HR staff. Areas that often require our assistance include:
    • New Program Design
    • Compliance Issues
    • Family Medical Leave
    • COBRA Eligibility Requirements
    • Health Care Requirements
    • Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Interviewing Processes
    • Employee Handbook Creation and Updating
    • Harassment Policies and Incident Management
    • Staff Reduction Assistance
    To reach a BCG HR expert, contact Kristen Pease at kpease@bcgcny.com, Neil Strodel at nstrodel@bcgcny.com, or call 315-474-1707.

    Human Resources Outsourcing
    HR executives are striving to improve the effectiveness of their human resources systems, processes and services. To broaden the available services and expertise, they are increasingly turning to outsourcing a portion or a majority of their HR functions to expert firms such as BCG. Their conclusion is that BCG can:
    • Provide expanded services more inexpensively
    • Provide services more effectively than can be achieved internally
    • Provide innovative solutions that come from working with many varied companies in a wide array of industries
    • Provide cutting-edge expertise through continual training and a large staff of highly-educated and qualified experts to call upon
    • Provide expert knowledge in business disciplines that extend far beyond human resources to support their larger business and personal
    • goals and objectives such as pension and benefits administration, executive services, risk management and more
    Successful Outsourcing Begins With Careful Listening
    While other firms place their emphasis on building HR programs around the products and services they offer, BCG begins by understanding your unique business model and designing with you how your human resources group can contribute to the success of your business. By focusing on your business and your human capital goals, BCG is able to design a human resources plan that shapes your thoughts and ideas into something that is tangible and successful.

    Your confidence in outsourcing HR services is dependent on the cost-efficiency, time-efficiency, and compatibility—understanding your vision for your business—of the HR outsourcing company. We understand that. The expertise and professionalism of our consultants will give you complete peace of mind that outsourcing to BCG will be a seamless, highly efficient and successful strategy.

    BCG can help transform your organization’s challenges to your competitive advantage. You can count on BCG for:
    • HR services tailored to the client’s unique needs
    • Broad expertise in all areas of the HR function
    • On-call response for urgent matters
    • Expertise to guide and advise during emergency situations
    • Reliable schedule for being on-site
    BCG is fully staffed to handle all requirements including C-suite participation and complete outsourcing of your HR functions, integrated back-up HR management, single-event and short-term consulting, and HR administration.

    To reach a BCG HR expert, contact Kristen Pease at kpease@bcgcny.com, Neil Strodel at nstrodel@bcgcny.com, or call 315-474-1707.

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