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Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • Employee Recruitment, Hiring and Retention
    Many organizations fail to recognize the extraordinary costs associated with recruiting, hiring, training and terminating employees. According to HR Magazine, the unrecoverable cost of hiring the wrong individual can be as high as 150 percent of the individual’s annual salary. A well designed employee recruitment process can save you thousands of dollars by allowing you to attract and retain the best candidates. It can help ensure that they are a fit for the job and a match to the company culture. By retaining top performers, you not only achieve substantial savings, you create a foundation for the level of performance that is required to achieve success.

    Fitting In With Your Corporate Culture
    Attracting prospective employees who have the right aptitude, attitude, and physical abilities to do the job is essential. What’s often overlooked is whether the new hire candidate is a personality match to the current workforce and management style. Many times great employees leave prematurely because they feel that they just don’t fit in.

    BCG assists you in finding great employees that are most likely to thrive in your business environment. We do this by utilizing our unique screening process that includes:
    • An organizational profile to both better define and understand the corporate culture, and to ensure that the recruitment process accurately represent that culture
    • A pre-screening process to identify only candidates that are a match to the culture
    • A screening process at the interview stage that most accurately assesses the candidates true personality and traits
    • A validation process that meets legal and ethical standards and provides defensible non-offer outcomes
    Recruiting Top Talent
    Despite economic conditions that make it appear as though employers have their pick of potential new employees, the market for top performers remains narrow and highly competitive. While the pool of candidates may be large, the demand for specialized skills, unique educational requirements and other qualifications significantly reduce the number of candidates that may be right for your company. BCG provides the expertise to beat the competition to these top performers and to significantly reduce “job hopping” once they have successfully joined your company.

    BCG provides comprehensive recruitment services and can provide the level of service you need from simply consulting and guiding you through the process, to providing a turnkey recruitment process including:
    • Sourcing candidates through job boards, print advertising, new media, social networking, employee referrals, collaborative hiring with other companies
    • Recruitment incentive programs development including signing bonuses, perk programs, vacation/flex time, telecommuting, benefits and lifestyle packages, executive benefits
    • Job description development that accurately depicts the job requirements
    • Demographic profiles to narrow candidate searches and reduce the cost of interviewing non-qualified candidates
    • Resume review and processing contrasting resumes against required competencies and qualifications to cull the best candidates for final review and consideration
    • Pre-screening to assess actual knowledge, job skills, and match to the corporate culture
    • Reference checking to ensure the accuracy of the resume, job history and provided personal information
    • Interviewing including first interview and follow-up interviews, documentation and review with your management
    • Employment offers properly constructed and documented
    Retention Begins With the Hiring Process
    Following a defined hiring process will help you avoid the high cost and disruption of employee turnover and the potential for harmful claims of negligent hiring or discrimination.

    A critical step in the hiring process, and one that is often overlooked, is on-boarding your new employee, a step that can be the difference between the new employee adapting well and returning immediate high-productivity, or one that leaves your company confused and bitter. BCG’s HR experts can assist you with this critical hiring function to help ensure a positive, long-term outcome and that there is no discriminatory bias in the selection standards that could later cause problems.

    We provide you with a well defined process for establishing and following selection standards and testing that meet all state and federal mandates. In addition, we assist you, or can handle for you the hiring process to ensure that all candidates are treated fairly and that all new-hire documentation is complete while your new hire receives a bonafide offer and a step-by-step hiring process.

    Retain Your Best Employees
    It is fast becoming the norm for employees to switch jobs rather than to stay with one employer throughout his or her career. According to some industry experts, today’s new employees will likely switch jobs six or more times in their working lives.

    BCG provides strategies to help you hang onto your most desirable employees. Our human resource and employee benefit experts combine to provide innovative solutions to meet your unique requirements and employee demographics including:
    • Compensation program analysis and design to ensure competitiveness, recognize and reward outstanding performance, motivate positive behavior, and preempt competitive offers
    • Deferred compensation plans to create incentives to retain key employees
    • Health care programs to offer appropriate protection for employees and their families at an affordable cost
    • Voluntary employee benefits tailored to meet employees’ personal needs and integrate with employer-paid offerings
    • Executive benefit and compensation plans designed exclusively for each key executive
    • Financial and investment planning demonstrating the company’s concern for each employee’s personal growth while helping them to visualize their relationship with the company over the long-term
    • Retirement planning providing a long-term view and planning options tying employees more tightly to the company
    • Telecommuting and flextime options to allow employees to balance personal and business demands
    • Vacation and comp-time options to provide flexibility
    • Perk programs such as concierge services, fitness programs, day care, etc.
    • Incentive programs to continually recognize and reward talent and effort and to keep the job experience fresh
    • Management retention programs holding supervisors and managers responsible for retaining direct reports
    To reach a BCG HR expert, contact Kristen Pease at kpease@bcgcny.com, Neil Strodel at nstrodel@bcgcny.com, or call 315-474-1707.

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