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Training and Development

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • Training and Development
    BCG has the expertise and capabilities to implement customized employee training and development programs based on your business goals and objectives. We work with companies of all sizes to provide the performance management, management training and incentive programs for employees, supervisors and managers that will maximize your human capital investment.

    For example, many supervisors benefit greatly from performance appraisal training which allows a manager or supervisor to provide feedback in a manner least likely to expose your company to unnecessary liabilities. Performance appraisal training ensures supervisors and managers are legally compliant and comfortable providing employees feedback in all situations.

    Our employee training and development services include:
    • Human Resource Basics for Supervisors and Managers
    • Leadership Skills Development
    • Ethics in the Workplace
    • Communications Skills Training
    • Presentation Skills Development
    • Behavioral Interviewing
    • Performance Appraisal Training
    • Time Management
    • Diversity Training
    • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training
    • Compliance Training
    • Progressive Discipline
    • Conflict Management Training
    • Stress Management Training
    • Evaluating Employee Performance
    • Supervisory and Management Training
    • Team-Building Training
    • Strategic Planning Training
    • Succession Planning Training
    • Performance Management
    Performance Management
    A key component of successful workforce development is performance management. Performance management ensures employees are focused on the company’s strategic and financial objectives through the reinforcement of positive behaviors. A well-designed performance management program also provides the tools to address behavioral problems that are not supportive of your business goals. The alignment of performance objectives with compensation strategies will increase productivity and refine employees’ focus on business objectives.

    BCG works closely with you to design a comprehensive performance management program that is accessible and clear to all employees and includes:
    • Performance Feedback Systems
    • Competency Model Development
    • Incentive Compensation
    • Recognition Programs and Employee-Focused Events
    • Career Path Planning and Development
    Understanding how to drive productivity and growth in your company through more effective performance management is one of the greatest challenges for human resource professionals. BCG offers you broad experience and in-depth knowledge of successful training and development programs and techniques to easily manage employee performance on a daily basis, and how to effectively utilize the appraisal process to motivate the desired behavior.

    Compensation Plan
    BCG can provide you comprehensive compensation program design that will facilitate behavioral compliance and ensure the highest ROI on your workforce investment. Providing a platform for equitable pay at all levels of your company tied to performance will allow you to increase your organization’s performance, reduce conflicts and turnover, and provide a pathway for top performers to progress through your organization. Tied together with incentive pay programs and other non-financial incentives, we can show you how a well-designed compensation plan can enhance your overall employee training and development plan.

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