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Plan Design & Administration

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • A Strong Retirement Plan Begins with Innovative Plan Design
    Your concern as an employer is to design a qualified retirement plan that will maximize value to you and your employees at a reasonable cost. Equally important, you want to be sure that your plan will be flexible enough to satisfy the complex and ever-changing rules for tax qualification.

    Whether you are a small company, large corporation, a state or local government or a tax exempt entity, BCG has the knowledge and experience to design a dynamic plan and ensure that it maintains compliance. We have a leading team of qualified specialists in the design, administration and restructuring of the following types of plans:
    • 401(k) profit sharing
    • Safe-harbor 401(k)
    • Owner-only/one-person 401(k)
    • Defined benefit pension
    • Money-purchase
    • Profit sharing
    • Cash-balance
    • ESOPs
    Listening To Your Needs Is The Critical First Step
    BCG retirement plan consultants invest the time and effort necessary to fully understand your company’s unique business structure as well as your personal goals. This allows us to design a truly custom plan for you and your employees that perfectly matches your business and human capital objectives. Key considerations when designing a quality plan include:
    • Participant eligibility
    • Company matching contributions
    • Safe Harbor provisions
    • Profit sharing contributions
    • Vesting schedules
    • Loans and in-service withdrawals
    The Premier Advantage™ Is Yours With BCG
    What you typically don’t find with other retirement plan consulting firms is the ability to take the broadest view of your business and individual needs as well as your risk exposures. BCG, along with its affiliates Bailey, Haskell and LaLonde (BHL), and Workplace Health Solutions (WHS), combine to offer you one of the most comprehensive portfolios of business and individual services in areas that can impact your retirement planning including:
    • Employee benefits
    • Human resource services and consulting
    • Risk management services
    • Commercial insurance
    • Individual insurance
    • Business and individual financial services
    Plan Implementation
    While establishing a new retirement plan or updating an older plan can seem complicated, BCG retirement plan experts make it easy by taking care of all the details and providing copious communication throughout with you and your employees.

    Plan Communication
    In addition to your BCG plan advisor, you have ready access to our staff of retirement and pension plan specialists as well as to more than 170 experts in business and risk management services. BCG performs regular and frequent communication sessions at your place of business. We make available state-of-the-art technology for you and your employees to monitor the plan and individual accounts.

    Defined Contribution Plan Recordkeeping and Administration

    Again, BCG retirement plan experts make it easy to provide a world-class program to your employees. We provide detailed and timely administration of your new plan from determining eligibility, to handling and documenting inflows and outflows, to final distributions to retirees.

    Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Administration
    BCG excels at providing defined benefit plan services. Our defined benefit specialists have years of experience handling every size plan including the most complex plans for thousands of employees. Through one of our enrolled actuaries, we provide the highest degree of recordkeeping, reporting, communication and compliance.

    Annual Compliance Testing And Reporting
    BCG’s retirement plan staff is highly educated and highly qualified to understand and comply with all federal laws and regulations. You have the peace of mind knowing that all calculations and testing methods are up-to-date and that even as fast as the laws and regulations change, your plan will be current and providing you maximum benefit under the law.

    Reviewing Your Current Plan Is A Good First Step
    Our specialists are well versed in the problems that can exist in outdated retirement plans. These can include plan loan issues, section 415 failures, Actual Deferral Percentage test (ADP) and the Actual Contribution Percentage test (ACP) failures, and inadvertent exclusions of covered employees.

    If your current plan suffers from one or more of these problems or you are considering a new plan and want to avoid these issues, please call to speak with one of our retirement plan specialists at 315-474-1707 or e-mail us.

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