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    Voluntary Benefits

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  • In today's increasingly complex higher education environment, human capital support activities can be overwhelming to keep up with for institutions of every size. BCG works with institutions of all seizes to seek out solutions to a myriad of problems.

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  • Voluntary Benefits Increase Job Satisfaction and Retention
    In today’s very competitive employment market, attracting and retaining top executives is a priority for many companies and is more challenging than ever. Voluntary benefits offer an outstanding recruiting and retention tool while enhancing the company’s existing benefits program.

    Voluntary Benefits Enhance Value to Employees and Help Control Costs

    "We were frustrated with choosing between providing benefits for our valued employees and maintaining a viable balance sheet. BCG solved that issue by taking an intelligent look at all our current benefits then recommending a better program of paid and voluntary benefits from a blend of insurance carriers. Better coverage, happy employees, lower overall cost—thanks BCG!"

    Mike Fifield, Benefits Manager
    St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

    BeneVantage™, exclusively from BCG, is a comprehensive consultative approach to integrating value-added employee-paid benefits along with company-paid benefits. For employers seeking to reduce their overall benefit program costs while increasing the value of its benefits package to employees, no other program measures up. BeneVantage™ offers your employees these important advantages at little or no cost to you:
    • Increased Choice of Programs
    • Affordable Insurance to Close Gaps in Coverage
    • Group Pricing
    • Limited Underwriting
    • Work/Life Enhancement
    • Convenient Workplace Enrollment
    • Convenience of Payroll Deduction
    • Peace of Mind From an Employer-Reviewed Program
    BeneVantage™ offers the employer significant advantages:
    • Increased Employee Satisfaction
    • Potential Productivity Gain
    • Increased Employee Retention
    • Potential Cost Savings
    • Ease of Adoption and Implementation
    • Transfer of Fiduciary Risk
    • Comprehensive Review of Current Benefit Program
    • Analysis of Current Coverages, Exposures and Costs
    • BCG’s Independence to Select the Best Insurance Carriers
    • Assistance in Developing a Benefit Program Strategy That Meets Your Current and Future Needs
    Available voluntary benefits
    Following is a list of some of the most popular employee-paid benefits available through our BeneVantage™ program:
    • Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Short- and Long-Term Disability
    • Financial Services
    • Legal Plans
    • Life Insurance
    • Auto and Home Insurance
    Quick and Easy Enrollment Process
    HR professionals might be concerned that voluntary benefit programs will burden their busy schedules. BeneVantage™ is a simple process that makes enrollment fast and easy, and requires very little time and resources from your HR department.

    For more information about BeneVantage™, click here for a copy of our voluntary benefits brochure.

    To reach a BCG human capital expert, contact Neil Strodel at nstrodel@bcgcny.com, Alison Dunn at adunn@bcgcny.com, or call 315-474-1707.

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    Neil Strodel

    (315) 474-1707

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