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Income Tax Planning

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  • Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) is a full-service investment advisory firm offering you highly customized and sophisticated financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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  • The Key to Good Financial Planning Is Great Income Tax Planning
    With more than 70,000 pages of tax codes, it is understandable that taxes have become a central issue of financial planning. Personal tax planning has become one of the most significant factors that determines much of your ability to build and maintain wealth. Depending on your income and a host of other factors, taxes can be a complex process. At BCG, you benefit not only from our tax planning specialists, but also from our specialists in an array of disciplines that also have direct and indirect impact on income taxes.

    Here are just a few of the hundreds of ways we can help you with controlling the impact of income taxes:
    • Home Buyer Credits
    • Federal Car Tax Rebates
    • Help Calculating Penalties for Early Withdrawals From Retirement Plans
    • Tax-savings Strategies for Paying for College
    • Tax Deductions for Pet Care Expenses
    • Strategies for Handling Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses
    • Energy Tax Credits
    • Cashing in on Home Improvement Tax Credits
    • Year-end Tax Planning
    • Paying Yourself Instead of The Government Through IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b)s
    • Avoiding the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
    • Maximizing Tax Savings with Roth or Traditional IRAs
    • Controlling Taxes on Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RDM)
    • Using Life Insurance to Reduce Income Tax
    While we recommend that you always consult your accountant and tax advisor, BCG has the in-depth knowledge and experience required to design an integrated financial plan that helps you to maximize wealth accumulation, reduce your exposure to risks that could jeopardize your wealth, and minimize the impact of taxes on your estate now and as you pass it to your heirs.

    Along with affiliates Bailey, Haskell, & LaLonde (BHL) and Workplace Health Solutions (WHS), BCG clients enjoy the Premier Advantage™—access to one of the most comprehensive portfolios of business and individual insurance, wealth management, risk management, human resources consulting and employee benefit services.

    BCG clients have the assurance that all of the products and services they need to assemble an iron-clad financial plan and risk management program will be perfectly integrated. Following are just a few of the added services you can expect from BCG:

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