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Investment Planning

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  • Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) is a full-service investment advisory firm offering you highly customized and sophisticated financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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  • Going It Alone Can Be Detrimental To Your Financial Future!
    With more than 9,000 mutual funds, 8,500 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, 3,900 companies listed on the NASDAQ, and hundreds of other investments to choose from, it’s little wonder that investors of every skill level find it difficult to sort through the myriad options in order to build a winning portfolio.

    Worse, for many investors, having too many choices can result in them taking no action at all as indicated in the following list of the most common individual investor mistakes:
    1. Becoming paralyzed by too many choices
    2. Not saving enough
    3. Not making saving automatic
    4. Failing to prepare a financial plan
    5. Not maximizing a 401(k) and the employer’s match
    6. Borrowing from retirement savings, particularly tax deferred accounts
    7. Failing to diversify
    8. Taking early distributions from tax deferred accounts
    BCG’s clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a coordinated strategy for achieving their personal financial goals and objectives. Whether our clients have an investment portfolio of $100,000 or $10 million, we consistently provide objective analysis, personalized advice, and comprehensive investment strategies. A Plan Just For You
    Every investor’s needs are different. More importantly, individual investors vary widely in their ability to tolerate risk and since some risk is inherent in investing, we focus heavily on determining each client’s absolute degree of risk tolerance.

    Once your objectives and constraints are identified, we work closely with you to design your unique plan within those parameters. We then consider a variety of diverse asset classes and investment strategies to determine the most effective plan that meets your return objectives at minimum risk levels.

    Asset Allocation
    How you allocate your investable assets is the single most important factor affecting portfolio performance. BCG uses some of the most sophisticated asset modeling capabilities in the industry to customize your plan’s asset allocation to match your risk profile.

    In developing your plan’s asset allocation strategy, we consider all asset classes, weightings, your risk tolerances and target returns among other factors such as the micro and macro environments. BCG’s team of specialists provides expert assistance in the following areas:
    • Asset Allocation and Modeling
    • Investments
    • Individual Stocks and Bonds
    • Mutual Funds and ETFs
    • CDs and Money Market Accounts
    • Asset Management
    • Brokerage Services
    • Rollovers
    • Financial Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Insurance and Annuities
    • IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) Plans
    Insurance and Annuities
    Insurance products including annuities are valuable investment planning tools and should be part of every serious investor’s portfolio.

    Life insurance is most often thought of as a way to provide money to survivors of someone who dies that will help to pay the bills and pay for burial costs. But life insurance is so much more than a check at death! Life insurance is far more flexible and valuable for protecting your loved ones and your lifestyle! Because life insurance is so flexible, virtually no investment plans should be without it. You can use life insurance to: There primarily three types of life insurance that you can use to accomplish all of the above. Each has its distinct benefits:
    • Whole Life Insurance that provides a death benefit plus provides an accumulating cash value. The death benefit is guaranteed and you can borrow from the cash value. Whole life insurance’s greatest feature is that the annual premium you pay will never increase. Learn more!
    • Universal Life Insurance, like whole life insurance, offers a death benefit and a cash value component that grows tax deferred, but universal life insurance offers more flexibility to change the policy as your life needs change. For example, with a universal life insurance policy, you are able to change the amount of death benefit and the amount you pay annually to fit your needs without surrendering the policy and buying a new one as you would have to do with a whole life insurance policy. Learn more!
    • Term Life Insurance provides a death benefit only and is the least expensive type of life insurance available. A level-premium term life insurance policy can be purchased where you pay the same premium amount each year for a given period, usually up to 20 years before the premium begins to rise with your age. Learn more!
    Let our investment planning and insurance specialists introduce you to the innovation solutions possible with insurance as part of your financial planning.

    An annuity is an investment vehicle available primarily from insurance companies. Annuities play an important role when planning your investment portfolio. The most obvious advantage of owning an annuity is that it can provide you with a steady stream of income when you retire or when you decide. Annuities are available in two basic forms: an immediate annuity in which begins paying the insured as soon as it is purchased, and a deferred annuity that begins paying out at some date in the future that you decide. Both types of annuities are available either as fixed where the payout is guaranteed at a specific payment each month, or as variable which offers results that vary with annuity’s investment performance.

    The advantage of the fixed is a steady, consistent income that you can count on. Fixed annuities are a great strategy to consider if you anticipate living a long time in retirement. In fact, you can think of a fixed annuity as a “reverse life insurance policy.” While you purchase life insurance to protect you against dying prematurely, you can use a fixed annuity to protect you against living a long life. Still, most investors utilize a fixed annuity to provide them with a steady stream of income in retirement without worrying about their investments.

    The advantage of a variable annuity is that you may enjoy increased income if the annuity’s underlying investments do well. A variable annuity is an investment vehicle designed specifically for retirement savings. A variable annuity invests in stocks or bonds, has no specified rate of return, and offers a possibility of earning far more than with a fixed annuity.

    BCG Clients Enjoy The Premier Advantage™!

    At BCG, you are definitely not alone when it comes to building and protecting your assets. BCG and its affiliates, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) and Workplace Health Solutions (WHS) have combined to create one of the country’s most comprehensive portfolios of business and individual insurance wealth management, risk management, human resources consulting and employee benefit services.

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