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Insurance Audits

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  • Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) is a full-service investment advisory firm offering you highly customized and sophisticated financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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  • Life Insurance Audits
    Life insurance policies are long-term assets that once purchased, are often ignored. But over time, many things can change in the insured’s life. The death of a spouse, a new spouse, the addition of children in the family, varying financial needs—all require a review of your existing insurance policies. Additionally, changes in the marketplace such as the introduction of more innovative products, and revisions to various laws and regulations may have a dramatic effect on your current policies. Following are just a few of the key areas that are critically reviewed when auditing your existing life insurance:
    • Underwriting reclassifications due to medical advancements: In countless cases, medical histories that were deemed uninsurable or highly rated in the past could now be rated as standard, saving you money.
    • Fluctuating interest rates, dividend scales and market performance: Changes with the stock market and interest rates can have a dramatic effect on the returns you may achieve on your permanent life insurance.
    • Changes to product expenses and insurance charges: Cost of Insurance (COI) charges can be changed by the insurance company, having a direct impact on your projected returns.
    • Development of secondary market: You may have a choice of selling your policies to an investor which could return more to you than the cash surrender value.
    • Changes in the insurance industry: Life insurance companies have experienced buyouts, mergers and demutualization, all of which could present positive opportunities or negative results.
    • Product enhancements: BCG ensures that you are taking advantage of the benefits of competitive pricing and policy enhancements as products and markets change.
    • Policy holders’ life changes: The Life Insurance Audit℠ process reviews the insured’s changing needs, goals and objectives.
    Work With A Certified Audit Specialist
    Any individual who holds one or more life insurance policies is advised to periodically review their policies and should seek the expertise of an insurance specialist who is specially trained and certified to administer The Life Insurance AuditSM. Benefit Consulting Group’s team of insurance experts is distinctly qualified to conduct comprehensive life insurance audits. Benefit Consulting Group’s experts provide you access to unsurpassed resources, expertise and insight in the evaluation of in-force ledgers, policy design, medical underwriting, cost of insurance and the financial stability of issuing life insurance companies.

    BCG’s Audit Process
    In the majority of cases, the potential for considerable improvements is discovered for our clients. We present a variety of options that may increase the benefits of your policy without additional cost, or may reduce premium costs while maintaining the same coverage. In every case, we provide expert analysis of your current policies even if it is only to confirm that your current insurance is perfectly suited for your current circumstances. Our Life Insurance Audit process includes:
    • A client needs assessment and policy review and summary
    • A review of all policy structures (ownership, beneficiaries, payment choice)
    • Re-evaluation of the underwriting rate class
    • An assessment of potential rate class improvements
    • An evaluation of the effects of changes in interest rates, sub-account performance, premium cost and other changes on your policies
    • A fair market value assessment of your policies
    • An evaluation of the financial stability of the insurance companies that issued your policies
    • An objective and comprehensive evaluation of the appropriateness of your policies relative to your current goals and objectives
    Risk Audits
    Life comes at you fast! As you mature and collect more family, assets, and responsibilities, it’s easy to end up with inadequate life insurance to protect your lifestyle and provide for your heirs. A thorough review of your life insurance needs and current policies, will ensure that you’re meeting your goals and objectives over time.

    Just as important, is knowing that you are properly protected from risk in your everyday life. Through our affiliate, Bailey, Haskell & Lalonde, you have access to insurance experts that will audit your risk exposures and provide innovative solutions to protecting your assets. You have the peace of mind that whether it’s your auto, home, vacation home, belongings, or liability insurance, you are fully protected and that all of your insurance products integrate perfectly together at the most efficient cost.

    Schedule Your Insurance Audit Today
    Find out if you might be eligible for savings or may be able to achieve better insurance coverage for the sum you are currently paying. Contact a BCG insurance specialist to schedule an insurance audit today.
    This is a general description of the available coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to policy provisions and applicable endorsements. Life insurance products are available through our affiliate company, Benefits Consulting Group.

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