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Investment Research and Consulting

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  • Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) is a full-service investment advisory firm offering you highly customized and sophisticated financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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  • We Hear You!
    The hallmark of Benefit Consulting Group’s success in wealth management is our thorough investment research and consulting. Our research always begins with understanding what our clients’ hope to achieve. Our skill at listen is our greatest strength!

    Each client’s life and needs are unique—and they change over time. You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we first understand your investment goals and objectives before offering you advice and options.

    Competent, Independent Investment Research and Consulting
    You expect sound, objective, timely advice from your wealth management company. You count on them to provide investment options that will help you grow your wealth while offering protection from volatility risk. Unfortunately many of our clients tell us that their past wealth management consultants fell far short of meeting their expectations.

    At BCG, we take the long view. We understand that you want both excellent service and results. Our investment experts help you understand the various available investment options and how they might impact your portfolio. We carefully analyze risks associated with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other investment vehicles and provide sensible, understandable and actionable solutions.

    We invest a great deal of time in communicating with our clients to be sure they fully understand their investment positions and their real tolerance for risk. Equally important, we provide a steadying influence to prevent them from making irrational moves that might devastate their investment portfolios such as market timing, panic selling (or buying), improper allocation (all your eggs in one basket), or failing to maintain a properly balanced portfolio.

    You can trust BCG to support you with:
    • Financial analysis
    • Individual stock review
    • Trend identification and analysis
    • Market forecasting
    • Investment strategies
    • Individual and independent advice
    • Risk review and advice
    • Innovative solutions
    Despite the vast array of specialized expertise we offer, we continue to be in just one business: serving you.

    If you don't see something
    you're looking for, or have
    any questions, please feel
    free to call us.

    (315) 474-1707

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