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Retirement Planning

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  • Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) is a full-service investment advisory firm offering you highly customized and sophisticated financial advice, investment solutions and brokerage services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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  • Planning For Retirement—Now More Important Than Ever!
    Nobody needs to tell you that the world is a risky place or that market volatility can quickly change your plans for retirement. Given the instability of today’s markets, an investor who is investing for a secure retirement might feel a bit vulnerable and unsure.

    Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) works closely with our clients to help them make sense of the thousands of investment vehicles available to them. We take the time up front to assemble a complete profile of each client’s unique life circumstances, analyze every risk potential and opportunity, then create a flexible plan that helps them to build and protect their wealth.

    BCG clients appreciate that they are not alone in the constantly changing and often complex process of building and protecting their assets. They know that they can trust us for expert advice in a wide array of disciplines required to help them meet their financial goals including: To find out if you’re on track to achieve the type of retirement you’ve always dreamed of having, use these convenient calculators. Easier yet, call a BCG consultant today for a no obligation review.

    Life Insurance – This easy to use calculator quickly provides an estimate of the amount of life insurance you might need to meet your family’s needs. BCG’s life insurance specialists are always available to answer any questions.

    Value Calculator – While it is not possible to put a true value on a human life, it is possible to calculate the financial loss your family may realize if you are no longer there to support them. Use this helpful calculator to establish values that will help you understand home much life insurance you might need.

    Savings – Use this calculator to see the magic of compounding on your savings! You deducing the cost of planned purchases such as a home, a care or appliances, you can quickly see the long term impact to your savings plan.

    Estimate the cost of a loan – Estimate the monthly payment for a fixed-rate loan. It’s fast and easy to try different loan amounts and length of loan.

    Disability – This calculator helps to give you a clear picture of your current standard of living and financial needs, and provides an estimate of how disability insurance can help maintain your lifestyle.

    Healthcare Cost Estimator – Most of are unaware of the real cost of medical treatment. As new laws take effect and more cost for health care is being shouldered by individuals, you can use this interesting tool to better manage your health care costs.

    Social Security Retirement Planner – This helpful tool help integrates your personal Social Security information under current law along with other great information to consider to prepare for your future.

    Retirement Calculator – Use this handy calculator to help plan an investing strategy that will help ensure your money lasts as long as you do! Return to this calculator as often as you like or as often as you experience significant financial life changes.

    College Savings – Learn how much you will really need to save for your children’s education – and how will this impact your retirement savings.

    Social Security – Learn more about how you can maximize your Social Security and how much you might expect to receive in retirement.

    Links to Even More Useful Information
    BCG Stewardship Report – BCG provides one of the largest portfolios of integrated services that help you create a master plan for your life or business. This is your Premier Advantage™! Use this convenient inventory checklist to help you in your planning and to have all of your important information in one place when you meet with a BCG advisor.

    Mutual Fund Cost Analyzer – Enter various mutual funds you are interested in and quickly compare them. Find analysis on over 18,000 mutual funds, ETFs and more!

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