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Captives and Risk Retention Groups

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • BCG Brings You Innovative Risk Management Solutions
    We strive every day to go beyond what you would expect from a professional business relationship. By taking the time up front to learn about your business goals and objectives, we’re better equipped to bring you innovative solutions to reduce cost and help grow your business and personal assets. Solutions like captive and risk retention group (RRG) insurance programs available through our affiliate, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) independent insurance brokers.

    What Is A Captive Insurance Company?
    A captive insurance company ("Captive") is an insurance company organized to cover the insurable risks of the parent organization and/or its affiliates. Thus, it is a captive of the company or group that it insures. Learn more.

    What is a Risk Retention Group?
    A Risk Retention Group (RRG) is one type of captive that is restricted to writing only liability coverage. A Risk Retention Group may have either state or federal charters. A federal charter allows the Risk Retention Group to write liability coverage directly in any state where it is registered without having to become a licensed carrier in each state or use a fronting company. This can significantly reduce the cost and effort of crossing state boundaries. However, they are restricted to writing liability coverage. Learn more.

    How Does A Risk Retention Group Work?
    Risk Retention Groups are insurance companies. They are similar to mutual companies in that they are owned by their policyholders. Risk Retention Groups were enabled by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1981 to help business and professional organizations, particularly those in the health care industry, to obtain affordable liability insurance.

    Risk Retention Group Benefits
    • Lower Premiums - "Claims Paid" policy form allows for dramatic savings of 30-50% from current insurance premium prices.
    • Ownership of Company and Assets - The insured are stockholders of the Risk Retention Group so they enjoy more control and input.
    • Stability - 3-year price guarantee for premiums. No wild fluctuations, increases or surprises.
    • Founding Member Offer - Founders get half-price stock option—double your investment!
    • Broader Coverage - Entity coverage, OPMC and Consent-to-Settle are all available.
    • Aggressive Defense and Strict Underwriting - Quality participants carefully screened are the keys to a successful Risk Retention Group.
    • Protection - Reinsurance and conservative forecasting guide our model.
    • Tail and Prior Acts Coverage - Coming from Occurrence or Claims Made policies, our RRGs have the coverage you will need.
    • Current Financial Uncertainty in The Market - MLMIC, PRI and MMIP are facing huge losses; assessments and increases will be needed to make up the shortfalls in those programs. New York State’s current fiscal crisis may prevent rescue. Our RRGs are not assessable!
    Physicians, surgeons, medical administrators and long-term care owners/operators experiencing outrageous liability and malpractice insurance increases will benefit greatly from using captive and RRG strategies. To learn more about captive and risk retention group insurance or to get a free quote:

    BHL Risk Management Specialists
    Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) insurance is a subsidiary of Oneida Financial Corp. and BCG affiliate.

    It’s innovative thinking and expertise that make BHL different and helps them achieve outstanding results for our clients. BHL’s experts can provide all of the risk management protection you need to succeed:

    • Automobile liability insurance
    • Contingent cargo insurance
    • Physical damage insurance
    • Garage and garage-keepers’ liability insurance
    • Workers’ compensation insurance
    • General liability excess/umbrella coverage
    • Property and casualty coverage
    • Risk management consulting
    • Towing coverage
    • Accounts receivable insurance
    • Inland marine insurance
    • Business income insurance
    • Injury management services
    • Medical payment insurance
    • Short- and long-term disability insurance
    • Crime and vandalism insurance
    • Errors and omissions insurance
    • Employment practices liability insurance
    • Pollution and environmental insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Home and auto insurance

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