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Workers' Compensation

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  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. BCG works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

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  • Manage Skyrocketing Workers’ Compensation Premiums!
    BCG works with companies of every size to help them manage their employment and employee benefit costs, and to help them control risks that could threaten their businesses. One area of particular concern for our clients is the skyrocketing cost of workers’ compensation premiums, particularly in areas such as healthcare, construction and manufacturing.

    At BCG, our approach has always been to shun selling off-the-shelf products. In fact, we don’t sell any products of any kind until we have taken the time to thoroughly understand your company’s particular risks, your business model and your goals and objectives. Only then are we able to understand what types of products and services are right for your unique circumstances. That’s why we work with affiliate Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) insurance to provide the expertise in risk management and commercial insurance.

    Access to One of the Leading Workers’ Compensation Experts In the Country
    Our affiliate BHL is a full service independent insurance brokerage firm with over 85 years of experience providing innovative risk management solutions to businesses and individuals. As an independent agency, they work for you, not for any specific insurance company. They share our own proactive approach to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business before making a single recommendation. Like BCG, BHL doesn’t sell products, they provide innovative solutions.

    We work closely with BHL’s workers’ compensation specialists to assist our clients to reduce premium cost. Through their very thorough claims- and risk management approach, you enjoy increased profitability, improve business processes and more control over your workers’ compensation programs. 7 Ways To Control Your Workers’ Compensation Costs
    Here are some innovative solutions to reducing your overall workers’ compensation costs. And do you know that you may be eligible to go back in time to recover overpayments that may have been a result of poor recordkeeping, errors in worker classifications and other reasons? If you suspect that you may have overpaid workers’ compensation premiums, we invite you to call us today. We can help. In fact, the majority of cases that have been investigated have resulted in refunds. Why not call us today to arrange a no obligation consultation!
    1. Classification Audits
      We evaluate the application of workers’ compensation class codes to ensure that they have been applied correctly and to your advantage. Many times, errors in classifying a business can cost that business tens of thousands of dollars in overpayments in workers’ compensation insurance premiums.
    2. Premium Recovery Service
      Do you know that you may be able to recover substantial overpayments you might have made on your workers’ compensation premiums? Even up to six years prior? Most companies simply pay the workers’ compensation premiums as dictated by their insurance carrier each year. The majority of the cases BHL have audited revealed overpayments were made. In one case resulting in a recovery of more than $400,000. Want to learn if you might be due a refund or cost reduction with your current workers’ compensation program?
    3. Ensuring An Accurate Experience Modification Factor
      Workers’ compensation experience modification (mod) factors are calculated six months after the end of your policy year. We confirm the accuracy of the data the carrier uses to determine your mod rate and negotiate to ensure that the reserves are correctly set and are not higher than they should be.
    4. Risk and Claim Management
      Losses ultimately drive your workers’ compensation costs. BHL workers’ compensation specialists have decades of experience in reducing claim severity and identifying methods for preventing losses.
    5. Insurance Programs Dedicated To Helping Your Contain Costs
      We are experts in designing workers’ compensation insurance programs with services that partner with you to reduce your real cost of insurance. Our programs can provide upfront discounts and proactive services to help develop loss prevention programs.
    6. Alternative Risk Financing
      There are alternatives to traditional workers’ compensation insurance which provide you with more of the financial benefits of controlling your losses—even if you are already doing a very good job at containing losses! We can help you analyze, develop and implement these programs.
    7. Consider Joining A Workers’ Compensation Safety Group
      The cost of workers’ compensation insurance to New York employers is among the highest in the country. Workers’ Compensation Safety Groups have the proven history of providing the lowest guaranteed fixed cost workers’ compensation coverage in the state. Learn more.

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