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Informed Hiring

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  • At Benefit Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to helping our clients. Because we begin our client relationships by listing to what’s important to them—understanding their business goals and objectives—we are able to assist them in a way they will not typically find with other vendors.

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  • Informed Hiring—The Smart Way To Hire and Protect Your Business
    The primary goal of an informed hiring program is to provide your business with defensible information on an applicant’s ability to perform the job based on objective data rather than subject reports. Only then can you truly protect your company from unwarranted compensation claims.

    BCG clients have access to an industry-leading solution to out of control workers’ compensation claims. Our affiliate, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) insurance, has developed a unique and tested system of work skills assessments, field surveys to perform job task analysis, creation of proper job descriptions, and testing to create a fully defensible hiring process called EmploySmart®, The Informed Hiring System™. Read what one client has to say about the effectiveness of EmploySmart®:
    "The escalating cost of employee turnover and healthcare were out of control. EmploySmart® from BHL has put the brakes on rising costs and is helping us to be sure we have the right people in the right jobs. More importantly, EmploySmart® has dramatically reduced our exposure to extensive compensation claims."
    -- Art Coughlin, Loretto

    At the heart of the EmploySmart®, The Informed Hiring System™ is a skills assessment that is designed by undertaking a thorough on-site task and work environment analysis to quantify the essential job demands and risks. As a condition of employment, all applicants in the selected work group as defined by incident occurrence, will complete a post-offer/pre-employment work skills assessment. The assessment is designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, allowing the employer to determine if the applicant meets the essential functions of the job and make an informed hiring decision.

    As a condition of employment, all applicants in the selected work group will complete a Post Offer / Pre Employment Work Skills Assessment that has been designed in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act. The results of the work skills assessment will be used by the employer to determine if the applicant meets the essential functions of the job and make an informed hiring decision.

    Protect Yourself From The Risk Of Hiring The Wrong Candidates
    EmploySmart®, The Informed Hiring System™, available exclusively from BHL is the solution to properly evaluating potential new hires’ ability to perform the job they seek.

    EmploySmart® offers the critical analysis and documentation required to provide your company with defensible information that protects you from unnecessary legal and compensation costs:
    • Quantitative job descriptions
    • Quality pre-placement physical and drug testing
    • Work skills assessment for physically demanding jobs
    • Impact assessment on Second Injury Fund (NYS)
    Benefits of EmploySmart®, The Informed Hiring System
    • Discoverable and defensible pre-hire and post-conditional-offer testing
    • Hiring decisions based on objective test results, not on the applicant's subjective report
    • Improved retention
    • Reduction in workers' compensation cost
    Informed Hiring and Injury Management Program Components
    Phase IJob Task Analyses
    Phase IIWorkSkills and Return To Work Assessment
    Phase IIITesting of Applicant and Return To Work Program

    Services Included (not limited to):
    • Design The Informed Hiring System™
    • Design injury reporting systems
    • Develop transitional duty programs
    • Develop injury prevention, safety training and ergonomics program
    • Design and supervise peer mentoring programs
    • Prepare safe patient/resident handling initiaties
    • Train and mentor staff

    For more information about BeneVantage™, click here for a copy of our voluntary benefits brochure.

    Benefit Consulting Group, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde and Workplace Health Solutions are affiliated companies and subsidiaries of Oneida Financial Corp.

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