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Injury Intervention and Return to Work Programs

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  • At Benefit Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to helping our clients. Because we begin our client relationships by listing to what’s important to them—understanding their business goals and objectives—we are able to assist them in a way they will not typically find with other vendors.

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  • Injury Intervention and Return to Work
    Achieving meaningful reductions in workers’ compensation claims and costs is not accomplished by continually shopping for lower rates with different insurance carriers. Substantial savings are realized by reducing the incidence and severity of injuries, and by treating injured workers quickly, efficiently and with respect.

    Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) along with Workplace Health Solutions (WHS) and Bailey, Haskell and LaLonde (BHL), are regional leaders in controlling employee-related costs and providing innovative solutions to risk management, employee benefits, and wealth creation.

    BCG affiliate Workplace Health Solutions is a leader in injury intervention and return-to-work strategies and procedures. WHS facilitates the communication and management link between the employer, the claims administrator, the case management provider, and the treatment provider. WHS successfully reduces costs by:
    • Providing immediate intervention to all work-related injuries
    • Treating injured workers like professional athletes: timely treatment and diagnostic services with the intention of returning a healthy employee to the workplace in an efficient manner
    • Providing each client with a customized urgent care relationship with medical specialists that believe in active return-to-work, timely feedback on the status of injured workers, and convenient locations to serve injured workers
    Injury Prevention—The Key To Successful Intervention
    Although “injury free” is the optimum goal, accidents do happen and injuries take place. Having a sound plan in place with highly structured procedures for mitigating the impact of injuries is critical to the cost-containment process. More importantly, it is an essential tool in maintaining your company’s productivity.

    BHL and WHS work closely to provide solutions for businesses where employees face physically demanding tasks as part of the work environment. By employing an informed hiring program in conjunction management training, a comprehensive critically-selected medical network, and an immediate injury intervention program, we are able to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

    Key components of the program include:
    • Employer supervisors/managers are trained to handle injuries quickly and compassionately
    • Employers are trained to immediately communicate with Workplace Health Solutions when an injury occurs
    • Employees are quickly provided independent medical examinations (IMEs) and efficiently treated within Workplace Health Solutions’ medical network
    • All claims are closely triaged by an injury management coach
    Effective Injury Management Relies On A Superior Medical Network
    Employers looking to reduce cost by increasing employee productivity and returning healthy employees to the workplace, should first look to a source for top flight independent medical examinations (IMEs). WHS has assembled an industry-leading network of independent medical examination providers.

    You are ensured that WHS will not only have a background in quality treatment, but will also possess an understanding and appreciation of the changing workers’ compensation regulations in New York State.

    WHS assists their carefully selected IME providers in adhering to guidelines that ensure independent medical examinations are conducted in accordance with workers’ compensation law.

    Superior Injury Management
    BHL and WHS utilize an array of innovative solutions, the latest technologies and communications to facilitate pro-active and successful back-to-work outcomes.
    • Gold Standard IMEs through Workplace Health Solutions’ Preferred Network
    • IMEs that support defined treatment plans and timeliness for maximum medical improvement
    • Improved turn-around time for IME process (provider bill of rights)
    • Informed hiring and occupational health programs provide critical information to claims process
    • Imported response and scheduling from treatment network
    Benefit Consulting Group, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde and Workplace Health Solutions are affiliated companies and subsidiaries of Oneida Financial Corp.

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