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Safety and Risk Management

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  • At Benefit Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to helping our clients. Because we begin our client relationships by listing to what’s important to them—understanding their business goals and objectives—we are able to assist them in a way they will not typically find with other vendors.

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  • Control Risk and You Control Cost
    Benefit Consulting Group (BCG) works closely with our clients to bring them innovative solutions to growing and protecting their assets. One area we see our clients struggling with is controlling risks that appear to be growing larger and more costly such as workers’ compensation claims.

    We’re pleased to bring our clients outstanding programs that will reduce risk, cut their costs and make their work environments safer. These program are available through our affiliate Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde (BHL) insurance.

    BHL is a leader in risk management, working with some of the region’s largest and most sophisticated businesses. Yet their unique programs are affordable and work as well for companies of any size.

    Benefit Consulting Group, Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde and Workplace Health Solutions are affiliated companies and subsidiaries of Oneida Financial Corp.

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